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PostSubject: Becca App   Becca App Icon_minitimeMon Sep 06, 2010 2:53 am

She lives in a fairy tale " border="0" alt=""/>

Too far for us to find

What’s your name?? Smile

Becca Chloe Cullen

Where do you come from?? Smile

London, England

Where are you living now?? Smile

Forks, WA, USA (:

House or Appartment?? Smile

House like a mansion

Any Room Mates?? Smile

My Family

What about the rest of your family?? Smile

Father - Carlisle Cullen
Mother - Esme Cullen
Sisters - Alice Cullen, Rosalie Hale, Bella Cullen
Uncles - Emmett Cullen, Jasper Hale, Edward Cullen
Mother - Carol Jones(deceased)
Father - Ryan Jones(deceased)

How bout your own history?? Smile

I remember nothing about my first life. Other than what I found out. Carlisle explained my injuries and what he had assumed had happened to me. After being changed, I have lived with the Cullens. That's all I remember. Carlisle and my family. I've lived with them for fifty years.

Forgotten the taste and smell

What do you look like?? Smile

Vampire Pale Skin (sparkly in sunlight), mid-long blonde hair, golden eyes, 5"4-ish.

What bout your personality?? Smile

I am happy and bubbly. I get on well with Alice as I love shopping and pink and parties etc.

Describe yourself in 3 words!

Happy, bubbly, loving

Love a world that shes left behind

Quote :
Rp Sample:I was getting ready to go shopping with Alice. Again. I didn’t mind but Alice had dragged Bella along. Again. And, as much as I loved Bella, she was going to complain and moan. Alice had hired me to help her bring Bella to the dark side and to stop her complaining about shopping. She was bribing me. She had promised me the car I wanted as soon as Bella was onside. I hated her for it. Just ‘cause I couldn’t afford the car and she could. I pinned my blonde hair up and pulled my pink shirt on. It hung just above the bottoms of my denim shorts.
I pulled my pink sneakers on and my lucky pink charm bracelet. I headed downstairs, waving to Edward and Jasper –who were sitting in the living room-. I smiled at Esme and Emmett in the kitchen and finally got to the garage where Alice and Rosalie were sitting on the hood of Alice’s porche.
“Where’s Bella?” Alice demanded and I looked around instinctively.
“I thought she was with you.” I answered, confuzzled.
Alice groaned and headed off outside towards the cottage. I laughed and took her place next to Rose on the porche.

Keep your feet on the ground

This amazing app was made by your amazing admin (Not) Smile Zoe xxx

While your heads in the clouds
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Bella Cullen
Bella Cullen

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PostSubject: Re: Becca App   Becca App Icon_minitimeSun Sep 19, 2010 7:18 am

Becca App Bella-bella-swan-10237532-1599-1064

Sorry, it didn't pop up as a new post Wink x

Becca App Twilight-Eclipse-Edward-and-Bella-S
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Becca App
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